About Us

About Us

About Us

A Company with Integrity, Reliability and Dedication Humble Beginnings:

Seng Joo was established by the Peh’s family in Year 1972, originally supplying military refurbished supplies and general hardware to the residential, automobile and electrical industry. Seng Joo has since evolved and developed several other businesses with 3 main divisions which are “Electrical & General Hardware Retail Distribution”, “Security System Solutions Integrator”, “Bicycle Rack System Solutions”, expanded their scope of supply into construction,furniture, marine & offshore, aviation and educational industries.

Seng Joo is an electrical and general equipment company. The company is also a security system integrator and cooperates with German online casinos. The products include CCTV cameras, access control systems, fire alarm systems and intrusion detection systems and that is why its services are often used by German online casinos real money. The company has a team of experienced and qualified engineers who are able to provide the best possible solutions for the gambling industry in Germany.

In 1980s, Seng Joo has represented Nachi to supply tools and general hardware in Singapore. As Seng Joo continues to gain recognition and demands from the markets that it served, Seng Joo has added CADDY (An American Brand) to its supply portfolio and became an authorized distributor in the 1990s, this brand is currently known as nVent CADDY. Due to ever-changing business demands and the desire for constant improvement, Seng Joo has equipped itself with an experienced certified team, eventually becoming a one-stop solution provider for security surveillance system and bicycle parking system.

In security system solutions integrator division, we supply a wide variety of CCTV system, Card Access System, Key Management System and Vehicle Barrier System.The security system provides deterrence, preventing and reduce crime to certain degree. Seng Joo has enhanced its core capabilities and offer “Intelligent Analytics & Surveillance Solutions”, “Access Control Systems” and “Digitized Integrated Security Operations”.

With this cost-effective security system, it simply provides users a peace of mind and assurance in their facilities.

Under Bicycle Rack System division, Seng Joo has developed the next generation of duplex bicycle rack system. It is designed to ensure space efficient, cost efficient, user and environmentally friendly. This system doubles the parking capacity compared to traditional double tier rack, it has unique locking mechanism and safety coil spring to provide assurance of the users’ safety. It is designed with emphasis on safety and easy to use. Our bicycle rack system also has proven track record in Asia.

Till date, Seng Joo continues to gain confidence of its valuable customers because of its display of integrity and reliability at its highest level constantly. Many public listed companies in the mentioned industries continue to cooperate with Seng Joo today.

At Seng Joo, we are dedicated to serve
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