19 Examples of Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

19 Examples of Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

19 Examples of Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Incredibly in-depth blog posts covering credit cards, travel destinations, and even topics like car insurance. While they do offer direct reviews of products, this post covers questions users often have about noise-canceling headphones. Its primary goal is to inform customers and capture searches from users who are interested in noise-canceling headphones — but might not be ready to buy just yet. WireCutter is a popular review site owned by The New York Times. You have to be willing to invest time and energy into building a lucrative affiliate marketing website. On the other hand, 81%of brands rely on affiliate programs — so while there is plenty of competition, there are also tons of opportunities.

Examples of Affiliate Marketing

Airline and cruise ship-related topical news stories are of great interest. A good lesson provided by this affiliate website is the skimmable layout of their articles. It is optimized to save the user time and offer the quickest way to the information.They summarize the pros and cons and offer helpful statistics. The site displays them at the beginning of each article with a clear CTA to increase conversions. Skimmable content promotes reader engagement as it is faster to read.

But if you keep at it, it can eventually pay off with the right content and products. If you’re paying for adverts as an affiliate, it’s a good idea to send traffic to a landing page where you can collect their email address. This gives you a longer period of time to build trust with your visitor and offer them value. When they trust you they are more likely to make a buying decision. So if you’re advertising a fitness program, for example, you can use Google’s keyword planner to place ads which run only when certain keywords are typed into the search engines.

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For every referral that ends in a purchase, the marketer gets paid a commission by the company. Instead of only having examples of the top 1% of affiliate marketers, there are many good examples of affiliate websites with somewhat lower traffic that are also successful. And success in affiliate marketing depends more on the website’s ability to attract visitors with purchase intent than pure traffic. That’s why smaller, hyper-focused blogs can be just as good, or even better, at generating affiliate sales. No matter what type of blog you have, there are likely affiliate programs that you can promote.

However, it may suit beginners a bit better than alternative platforms since you do not have to invest in physical merchandise or inventory at the start. The three main types of affiliate marketing are unattached affiliate marketing, involved affiliate marketing, and related affiliate marketing. Finder is the fastest-growing comparison site in the UK and a huge global affiliate marketing website. Most of their product selections include some higher-priced items which are likely to generate some large commissions. The goal of a large website model is to generate a huge amount of traffic at all times.

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  • The call-to-action of your landing page should be clear, prominent, and relevant to the offer or benefit of your affiliate marketing campaign.
  • We test every affiliate offer on our site via click tracking so we KNOW which products our readers like.
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Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which a company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and services. The third-party publishers are affiliates, and the commission fee incentivizes them to find ways to promote the company. The site’s main source of revenue affiliate management system comes from product recommendations. NerdWallet monetizes its site through relevant finance and credit card affiliate programs. Their main promotions include Geico, Upstart, and Capital One. Based on this short analysis, we can at least say that a strong organic foundation is a necessity for affiliate marketing.

The beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing: how to grow your business and make passive income

As an affiliate marketer, you don’t want to put all your eggs into one basket. Because you’re still beholden to the rules set by the merchant you chose as an affiliate partner. For more affiliate marketing tips, check our post aboutboosting affiliate conversions.

Objective reviews and step-by-step guides are our personal finance affiliate site’s bread and butter. Our product boxes have been user-tested against millions of impressions and convert at a higher rate than text links alone . Currently, there are over 5,000 items available in the shopping section of its site. In 2018, Food52 said it brought in around $30 million in total sales, and the company projects $40 million in overall revenue by the end of the year.

The content is filled with links, pointing to other relevant pieces. It also sets the affiliate site as the https://xcritical.com/ go-to resource for dog food recalls. Dog Food Advisor’s dog food recalls section is another valuable asset.

Examples of Affiliate Marketing

One of the most effective strategies they use is a plethora of social proof in the form of reviews and ‘saves’. They are working to diversify their revenue by offering events, tools, apps, and communities. Separating the content based on where the reader is in their journey, which makes it easier to find the right type of content.

Affiliate Marketer: Definition, Examples, and How to Get Started

If your primary color is blue, red, or orange are good choices, paired with a message that inspires urgency. The products feature multiple engaging CTAs throughout their content. The buttons are orange, to stand out from the white and blue layout of the website. Gear Hungry also targets feature snippets, as every review site should.

Instead of forcing her visitors to use a search box, or hopefully finding the page they need, all they have to do is click on ‘Registry’. Why this content works so well is because it saves the visitor time – they can find everything they want on one page. The page itself is a soup-to-nuts review of the top 10 home security systems on the market. But the Skyscanner search form features front and centre in the content – everything else on that page there just to support it.

Examples of Affiliate Marketing

Homegrounds has capitalized on the growth of “DIY baristas” by helping people to make better coffee and purchase the best coffee brewing equipment. They publish some of the best problem-solving coffee content around, with brewing tips, recipes, buyers guides, reviews, and comparison articles. However, it’s vital to keep your content fresh and updated if you are going to keep it evergreen. You need to think long-term and build an audience that keeps checking in and using your website when they purchase products. There are several different ways you can promote your affiliate products.

Affiliate Marketing Website Examples

Early on, companies largely paid the cost per click or cost per mile on banner advertisements. As technology evolved, the focus turned to commissions on actual sales or qualified leads. The early affiliate marketing programs were vulnerable to fraud because clicks could be generated by software, as could impressions. If you’re new to the world of affiliate marketing, an affiliate website is a site that promotes relevant products and services to visitors in exchange for a sales commission.

For every instance that a customer converts or buys the product using the link, the publisher earns a commission. Similar to the previous example, the Ecommerce Platforms website has a narrow focus on one niche only. While not exactly hyper-focused on one platform, it still provides the benefit of being able to develop deep niche expertise.

Brian and team put all reviewed products through strenuous and innovative tests, so much so that the site is sometimes called “Mythbusters for gadgets”. After our post on writing better reviews, we got a lot of interest from readers asking us what it takes to create a great product review site. Consumer Search is a product review website that covers everything from smartphones to dog toys. They attract nearly 3.5 million visitors every month by publishing honest and detailed reviews on products across a range of different categories.

The Gardening Blogger

They most likely have the biggest online resource on Black Friday. Similar sections can boost your traffic and affiliate commissions during the holidays. The strategy to target such a large category of products is one that few affiliate sites choose. With consistency and transparency, the site became an authority across several product categories. As of 2011, it is part of the top 6,000 websites globally, thanks to its detailed product recommendations.

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Income School have a premium course that teaches you how to build sites like Dirt Bike Planet. Site owner Ryan Robinson publishes monthly income reports and recorded average earnings of $57,195 per month for a four-month period in 2019. Income School have a premium course that teaches you how to build sites like Camper Report. A website reviewing different categories of consumer products. Authority Hacker have a premium course that teaches you how to build sites like Epic Gardening. Site owner Kevin Espiritu was profiled on the Authority Hacker website, where it was reported that Epic Gardening sometimes earns as much as $100,000 per month.

How to Create an Affiliate Marketing Landing Page:

If someone else is selling something online, chances are they have an affiliate program you can sign up for. Then it’s simply a matter of linking to their products and services from your website, and collecting a commission for every sale you refer. As an affiliate your social media sites offer a good way to get your content in front of more people and help you build an online presence. Social media interaction can also help with your SEO – search engine optimisation, and get you seen more in the search engine rankings. Social media sites such as Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram are just a few of the ones which are used for advertising affiliate products.

It’s easy to scale

But it wasn’t until 2001 that Rae stumbled upon affiliate marketing. Websites cost money to run, and while the support group was active, it wasn’t producing anything to offset costs. In order to support the site, she started selling products as an affiliate. Let’s look at a few of the most successful affiliate marketing website examples.